Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Welcome to Lessons with Love

I decided to create a blog in hopes of gaining wider exposure for my most recent book,
Lessons with Love: Tales of teaching and learning a small-town high school. As you can see by checking at (www.keokeebooks.com), this book chronicles (loosely) my 33-year teaching career at Sandpoint High School.

It's a collection of funny, poignant and brutally honest stories about teaching in a rural high school in Sandpoint, Idaho. The Keokee site offers a list of chapter titles and a selection from the book.

I'm honored to report that, in addition to some of my students, television personality/speechwriter, and college professor Ben Stein has endorsed the book. Ben, who loves visiting Sandpoint, actually visited my class and Sandpoint High School one day with his son Tommy. Tommy may even remember the squirt gun toilet I gave him that day. I wonder where it is now. It was given to me by a student Nicole Huguenin, who is now a fine elementary teacher herself.

I'll post on this from time to time and may even include a few excerpts from the book. If you should pass by this blog, I encourage you to visit the Keokee website, learn more about the book and give it a try. And, if you like what you read (which many have already indicated), please pass the word. As a relative nobody, who thinks she has a pretty good book to offer, I appreciate any grassroots attempt to get the word out.

Also, if you're a teacher, post a comment, and we can discuss teaching.

Finally, if there's interest in my first two humorous books (Pocket Girdles --- Postcards from Potato Land) you can read about them at my webpage: (www.mariannelove.com). They're also available through www.keokeebooks.com

Thank you.